GIK Acoustics Freestand Acoustic Panel

GIK Acoustics has been making affordable, approachable acoustic treatments for years now, and we’ve been using them with excellent results since nearly the beginning of TONEAudio.  Nothing works better and provides more bang for the buck in your listening room than a modest complement of GIK panels, traps and diffusors.  For about $500–$1,500 you can transform a room and get all the sound that the gear on your rack is capable of delivering.

Now, they’ve adapted a great studio trick (and many of their panels are used in studios) to the home environment by putting a pair of stands on one of their panels, making it a freestanding panel.  Both audio and photo studios like to call these GOBOs, but you’ll call it pure genius for a couple of reasons.  Being able to make minute adjustments rather than just attaching panels to walls is great, but the portability of these panels is also excellent for those living in an environment where they can’t permanently install sound treatment.  Mark where they should be, bring them out for a long weekend or listening session and then back in the closet when you have to entertain non-audiophile guests!  Awesome.

Freestand Acoustic Panel