USB Table contest winner!

We had some great responses, but the best letter arrived from Mike Ward and he will be getting the table…

Thanks for playing, and we’ll announce a new contest item shortly.

Why would I like to win the Music Hall Turntable?

It started a long time ago when Frampton Comes Alive hit the shelves. A young lad then, I hopped on my trusty Schwinn Stingray bike and pedaled down to the local music store. I grabbed the newly minted Frampton Comes Alive vinyl album and raced home with much anticipation. I couldn’t wait to pluck it down on the platter and take in “Show me the Way” and “Jumpin Jack Flash”. I hadn’t even got the vinyl spinning when my lovely mother told me to get ready to go out to dinner, as my Aunt Hulda from North Dakota was in town. Tonight? Do I have to go? I can see her again next time I thought….but alas no luck. Peter would have to wait. I must say that Aunt Hulda is a lovely woman, but come on…. tonight? In the days to follow I practically wore out that record. I deserve to win the turntable if only to heal the gaping wound left by Aunt Hulda’s visit. Do you feel like I do?