TONEAudio’s 2016 Publishers Choice Awards

Pass Labs HPA-1 Headphone Amplifier


The toughest part of this headphone amplifier was whether just to write it up as the world’s best $10,000 preamp for $3,500 or a $3,500 headphone amplifier with an impressive preamp thrown in as a value-added proposition. Much like the Coincident Statement reviewed in this issue, the HPA-1 is so good that if you only need a pair of RCA inputs and a single output, this is all the linestage you need unless you’re spending five figures. If you don’t need a preamp, you’ll still be in headphone heaven with the HPA-1. This one’s got everything; mega dynamics, super tonality and the ability to drive any set of cans you plug in with ease. And of course, legendary Pass build quality.